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Choosing Your Puppy

Many factors influence the process of choosing a puppy. Of foremost importance are the reasons you want a dog, whether you're ready for the responsibility, and whether a Labrador is the breed of dog for you.

Owning a dog, and especially a new puppy, is a lot of work! It's well worth it, of course, but it is still a commitment and a responsibility. Your new puppy will be away from its litter for the first time and will need a lot of your attention to get it started on the right track. Someone should be available to work with and care for the puppy regularly during its first few weeks (and months) in your home. The puppy will need help with housebreaking, learning manners, figuring out what to chew and what NOT to chew, and so on. This process is fun and rewarding, and an important part of the bond between you and your dog. If you are concerned, however, that you might not have the time for an eight-week-old puppy, perhaps an older puppy or adult dog would be more suitable for you.

Once you're ready for a new Labrador, we need to consider your expectations of the puppy and, more importantly, of the full-grown dog:

  • activity level: field companion vs. couch potato
  • size: adult Labs range from 55 lbs to 90 lbs
  • "look": stocky vs. lean
  • demeanor: soft and gentle vs. frisky and outgoing
  • color: black, yellow, or chocolate
  • gender

The more you think about these factors, the better able we will be to match you with a puppy well-suited to your lifestyle and expectations. Hopefully, your Lab will be with you for twelve years or more, so let's find you the right one!

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