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About Kresland Kennels

Kresland Kennels is conveniently located in Victor, New York, between Rochester and the Finger Lakes region and close to the New York Thruway. As the Kennel has grown from a spare-bedroom operation into a full-time business, we have expanded our facilities while maintaining an “in-home” lifestyle for our dogs. It may make dinner parties a bit difficult, but it means that the dogs enjoy a higher quality of life than if they were kept as livestock in a separate kennel building!

Kresland Kennels is committed to producing Labradors of excellent temperament and health and outstanding appearance according to the show standard for the breed. While some of our dogs compete in shows, field work, obedience trials, and agility events, most find their calling as companions with families or as service dogs in health care facilities, law enforcement, or hearing- and vision-impaired service organizations.


Breeding Program

Every Kresland Labrador is a product of years of careful development in our breeding program. We have incorporated the finest bloodlines from North America and Europe to diversify and strengthen our lines while still retaining distinctive characteristics - people have said they can always recognize a Kresland dog wherever they find one. All of our breeding dogs are screened with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hip and elbow dysplasia and with the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) for genetic eye disorders and receive the best health care and socialization from their very first days.

We are always available to answer questions from potential puppy buyers, new owners, long-time owners, and anyone with breed or breeding questions, including those about whelping or whelping problems. Over the years, we have helped many hobby breeders and growing kennels with their efforts to develop the breed we love so dearly, and we continue to enjoy mentoring a number of breeders in the “next generation.”

Professional Affiliations

Founding Board Member and Current Member

Iroquois Labrador Retriever Club, Inc



Kanadasaga Kennel Club


Founding Board member and Breeding Program Director

Upstate Guide Dog Association

Donated breeding females; started and managed breeding program using Kresland dogs


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